Are we a Global Family?

My childhood was just like any other kid’s. I was loving, bubbling with energy, extending help to whoever crossed my play field, and completely rapt in my own world. Life was after all a playground of happiness, love and unending joy. As time passed by, I caught a little sense of the world out there and slowly became aware of life’s ways, laws, and means. The world stood before me in all its ugliness and beauty.

Born in an upper middle class family, I was well taken care of. Almost all my desires were fulfilled, although I did not have many. But there are kids in the world who don’t share the same fate as me. Seeing those kids begging and asking for alms on the streets, felt pathetic. But there was also a strange satisfaction that I felt for not being one of them.

It was appalling to realize that I was capable of feeling that way. Every time I had that strange feeling of satisfaction, I questioned myself and wondered why God had created so much disparity in the society. Why some people are poor while others are rich? Is it their karma? Or is it random selection? I still do not have answers to these questions. But I do know that if you want something, you should make it happen.

Man’s biggest folly is blaming God for everything. It’s time we start taking responsibility for our deeds. It is not God, but we, who have to make life happen. No imaginary figure, wearing a halo would land on earth to fulfill your wishes. There’s a famous quote by Abraham Hicks-“The Universe is not punishing you or blessing you, the Universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting”. We have to understand that every thought that we have, every action that we do knowingly or unknowingly, every word that we utter, has a role to play in weaving our reality.

In the recent Bollywood movie, MANJHI-The Mountain Man, the protagonist attempts to cut a road through a mountain, and succeeds in doing so, despite being ridiculed and laughed at. Then, at the end of the film, he says that one should not wait for God to come to help us, but help ourselves. If God was meant to help us all the time and in our every single endeavor, why would we be bestowed with five senses, body, mind and above all, our will to achieve what we wish for.

Back in 2011, I had come across a term in my EVS textbook, ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam.’ Having understood its real sense and meaning, I couldn’t stop rejoicing about the idea of the whole world being one family. Four years have passed since and I still wonder how the world will be one global family, if the scenario remains the same?

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Everyday uncountable numbers of people die due to poverty or lack of resources. So many get targeted and are made to suffer on account of their poor status. Why are rich getting richer and poor are getting poorer? Why does a multi-million dollar company owner have so much that he can easily feed many of his generations to come, and an ordinary rickshaw wala or paan( betel leaf) shop owner, works assiduously and still struggles to provide even two meals a day to his family?

This brings me to a very important question- Aren’t there enough resources for everyone? Of course, there are, provided they are equally distributed. The Universe isn’t biased, we humans are. To put it in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed.”

Some people are facing extreme problems while others don’t even know what discomfort is. Why so much distinction? These differences are a major cause of the lack of love and unity. To add to it, there is caste distinction, color difference, race difference, so on and so forth. Although these tags are man-made, we readily conform to them. Sadly we never question these improper beliefs of the society and mistake each other as separate and disconnected although the reality is quite different.

Today, both science and spirituality validate the fact that each and every one of us is connected to the rest of us. Be it living or non-living, each and everything has an effect on other things and people. Even though we are not related to each other through blood, we are universally connected to everything that has existed, exists or will ever happen to exist. If we understand this connection and for the sake of being fellow humans, support each other, then the world will become a better place. But on the contrary, we are not interested in extending our help to the unprivileged people. Our sole concern is our own well-being, irrespective of what happens to the rest of the world.


Once my uncle said to me, “It’s a pretty cruel world and the rule is, either you eat away your opponent or you’ll be eaten instead.” As a girl of twelve years, I wasn’t able to follow his words clearly, but they did leave me intrigued. I remember mulling over those words time and again, often asking my mother what he meant to say. There was a very short duration in my life when I actually believed his words. For if we consider life a battlefield, what he said would stand completely true. But unfortunately life is not a battlefield; it is a playground where we are present to learn from our own and each other’s experiences. Everyone in this playground is part of one family. We might fight or argue, but we all are here for the same purpose. All of us want peace and love and this cannot be achieved without unity, cooperation, understanding, forgiveness and tolerance.

The day we realize that every individual’s happiness, sorrow, good, bad, profit, or loss are connected to that of others, our selfishness will see its demise. Because at the end of the day, if anyone is in pain, that pain will directly or indirectly affect us too. The butterfly effect (to put it simply, is a scientific theory which means that a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of the universe forever) is proof of such a relation. Just as meditation, love, prayers and positive thoughts can even prevent natural calamities; love and compassion towards each other will definitely change the face of this world. Hopefully, one fine day we will become a global family, won’t we?